Wednesday, November 11, 2009

13 Haiku's: A Shorter Study in Servitude

Note: Each Haiku was inspired by one of the thirteen pieces in Howard Barker's "13 Objects: Studies in Servitude." The title of the poem is bold within the poem itself.

Digging and digging
With a lonely spade dig I
Making my own grave.

Both bitter and sweet
Are the cards life has dealt me
Cruel cup, kind saucer.

No beauty in war
So why a shiny medal?
For bravery: Tin.

I watch you sitting
Making love to Navy Blue
Please! Look at me instead?

The talk of a toy
Rings much more sufficiently
Than the spoken word.

When life is empty
Take this advice from my lips
Look through a cracked lens.

Contemplation of
The investor's chronicle
Rage destroys value.

More than just a game
A ring binding me to you
Not to escape now.

Ready to travel
But unsure of where to go
South of that place near?

A door sits unlocked
Waiting to be discovered
We find poet ash.

You dare to decline
Glasses from a murderer?
It's blind prejudice!

Next to a bucket
Of clean water, The hermit's
War with God
is lost?

The sound of a drum
Is impossible to kill
Listen. I'll beat you.

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