Friday, July 30, 2010

Alone- A Song

So I was soaking in my bathtub, and as I usually do, I started singing. But normally I sing my favorite songs from my favorite artists and all that jazz. However, upon this occasion, I created a short song with an eerie tune. The recording I made is no where near professional, but I decided I liked it enough to record it and post it. And where better to post it than my poetry blog that has one follower? Yay JubJub! I love you!


I like to see the wind fly by without a care,
I like to see nothing in the air.
I wanna be alone, alone, without you,
I wanna be alone, alone, alone.

I like to see the moon up there in solitude,
I love to see its lonely mood.
I wanna be alone, alone, alone,
I wanna be alone, alone, without you.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Too painful to think,
Too painful to breath,
Too painful to feel,
Too painful to be.

Sinking to the bottom of the ocean's depths,
Drowning in my own consequence.


Life surrounds me,
Swirling around me,
Passing by me,
Where is its beauty?

People look to me,
Choices forced on me,
Words confront me,
Where is my safety?

Friends move past me,
Love slips by me,
Pain invades me,
Where's my serenity?

Monday, July 5, 2010

@mickie4004 on Twitter

* Explanation: I was bored and just got a direct tweet from an actor and decided to write a poem about anyone who has ever included @mickie4004 in their tweet... just for fun. (And cause I like seeing @mickie4004 on twitter, I'll expand the poem every once in a while to include new people who include @mickie4004 in their tweets.)

**PS: This poem is VERY cheesy.

@mickie4004 on Twitter

@memnus what can I say of thee,
Your ropes make me giggle with glee.

You got me following @Ropecast for fun,
And @ComcastSteve helped my internet to run.

@Shnuff and I got our flirting on,
Then I talked about singing with @BuchMormon.

@03mustanggt brought a nostalgic flair,
And my ego was boosted by @catdenier.

Even got strangers like @GeorgettaGutkow
And @____link____... lots of underlines, wow!

Got a message from @AIE with some advice,
And @cyberwolf46 was oh, so very nice.

@JubJubForder made a joke about the wind being drunk,
And even @Shuffledog mentioned me. Yay! I didn't flunk!

My favs are @PeterKalamis and @fitzwillie,
Cause they are freaking cool celebrities!