Monday, July 5, 2010

@mickie4004 on Twitter

* Explanation: I was bored and just got a direct tweet from an actor and decided to write a poem about anyone who has ever included @mickie4004 in their tweet... just for fun. (And cause I like seeing @mickie4004 on twitter, I'll expand the poem every once in a while to include new people who include @mickie4004 in their tweets.)

**PS: This poem is VERY cheesy.

@mickie4004 on Twitter

@memnus what can I say of thee,
Your ropes make me giggle with glee.

You got me following @Ropecast for fun,
And @ComcastSteve helped my internet to run.

@Shnuff and I got our flirting on,
Then I talked about singing with @BuchMormon.

@03mustanggt brought a nostalgic flair,
And my ego was boosted by @catdenier.

Even got strangers like @GeorgettaGutkow
And @____link____... lots of underlines, wow!

Got a message from @AIE with some advice,
And @cyberwolf46 was oh, so very nice.

@JubJubForder made a joke about the wind being drunk,
And even @Shuffledog mentioned me. Yay! I didn't flunk!

My favs are @PeterKalamis and @fitzwillie,
Cause they are freaking cool celebrities!

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